ATL Bus Charter Services & ATL Bus Academy
Let us plan a trip for you and a group of 22 friends, family members or co-workers, upon Dream Catcher 1, our super cute bus, named for how we manifested this dream with a vision board. American Army Veteran, Don Holter, is CEO of this multipurpose venture, serving our Norcross community with jobs and workforce development under our CDL training program at while delivering timely Charter service with Southern elegance and musicality. Dream Catcher 1 features a fine surround sound system, and thus is perfect for a rolling listening party or a work-related audio instructional to get you fresh for a meeting we are taking your team to. You can bring your favorite movie on DVD, or play a training video on our high def TV. Stay connected with WIFI while you are away. 

ATL Bus Ride SDSC, Atlanta Sept, 2019.

Every ride is a good ride with ATL Bus, as our trips are customized meet your requests. The more information you provide, the better your experience will be. In fact, we can even customize merchandise like T-Shirts notebooks or ink pens for your trip. Honestly, our service is military tight and artistically divine. But the best part is that we work with and support our community which reaches across the United States and includes our partner in ATL Bus and HIP's SET program, Ol' School Entertainment, makers of fine vinyl printing, music, and literature. So yeah. Book the bus. Send us a design, or we will make one for you, to make your trip memorable. I know, you are so excited now.

We believe in the American Dream. Just a few short months ago we were blessed with this gift. Now with our 501c3 partnership with Holter Intellectual Property, Inc intact, we will begin the first of our Scheduled Trips from the HIP Learning Annex in Norcross, GA to Paradise Valley Resort in Dawsonville, GA. Your contributions support our workforce development initiative, working in tandem with Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated to offer free and low-cost DCL Driver's Training to Fostered Youth, LGBT Homeless Youth, and Victims of Sex Trafficking. Donate Here.


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